Name Secret

The meaning of your name


Your personality, שמרית, combines the intelligence of "רצון לקבל", the intelligence of "רצון לתת", the intelligence of "שלום", the intelligence of "מעשה", the intelligence of "חן". This combination is unique to your name.

שמרית, your secret key to opening the gates of success is the intelligence of "רצון לקבל". The characteristic of this intelligence is "היכולת שלך להגדיר את מידת כוח הרצון לקבל לעצמך כדי לתת לאחרים".

It is worthwhile starting everything in life with your secret key. The gate that your secret key opens easily and rapidly is the intelligence of "חן". The characteristic of this intelligence is "היכולת שלך להעלות את ההתרחשויות הרגשיות למודעות העצמית ולגלות אותך ואת היופי הפנימי שלך".

Your success is ensured if you constantly practice:

- היכולת שלך להגדיר את הרצון לתת כמטרה נעלה ותכלית החיים.

- היכולת שלך להכיל אותך ואחרים ובדרך זו ליצור שלם ושלמות.

- היכולת שלך ליזום מעשים שמסייעים לך להבחין בין מותר ואסור.

Your abilities come from the world "הרוחני" , from the world "השכלי" , from the world "הגופני" , and they indicate your developmental and professional direction, and in many cases they also indicate your destiny.

Name Strength

The internal strength and empowering emotional intelligence of


Power # 5

Power of המחשבה

Your internal strength is the power of המחשבה and is indentified with the number 5.

Your empowering emotional intelligence is identified with "היכולת שלך ליצור מציאות חדשה באמצעות המחשבה ובכוח האמונה שלך".

Name Code

Your Name Code and Power


Your name code is created as a result of the letters of your name being marked on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The marking creates a unique graphic form, which is your name code. “When the owner of the name looks at his name code, he empowers his personal ability in a tangible way.” Therefore, it is worthwhile looking at the Kabbalistic Tree of Life with your name code. The more you look, the more your natural abilities grow stronger, subconsciously. In order to look at your name code, you can print the code, turn it into a desktop background or a screen saver, post it on Facebook or on Twitter, send it to friends, hang it next to the television, opposite your bed, put it in your diary, or use any other creative means.